Sunday, July 8, 2012

Macho Gwapito Blowout

July 1st is Papa Carlo's birthday and we didn't even had a surprise birthday for him because we are literally dying preparing for the hell week. Anyway, let's move on with his little birthday blowout. He decided to eat at Shakey's because he wanted to have some Mojos. Here's a picture of him posing infront of the camera. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ;)

While waiting for the food, Papa Carlo asked about what happened to Fritz' lovelife because he's having trust issues with his girlfriend leading to inevitable break up. Woot woot! TMC goes SINGLE!!! We still got Jeff and Kent going strong with their relationships and we are hoping the best for them. BTW, in this celebration we got the Atienza sisters with us.
And can we just proceed with the food? We were waiting for like forever before the food got served and when we had our time to eat, well galit galit muna. Well, you need to focus on your food to enjoy it. Good friends plus good food makes everything FUN and worth it! ;)
We had 2 pizzas, 1 large size and a medium. Both of it tasted great! :)
Garlic Breads
I forgot to take a picture of the Fried chicken and the Mojos because I'm quite hungry because of all the waiting we've done. Anyway, after having some great foods we decided to give Papa Carlo's gift. It's a lighter and a flashlight that is rechargable by just pressing it. We even told him that KC will give him a kiss as a gift from all of us. Here's a shot of that moment.
We had tons of fun and of course gaspangan!!! It's part of our daily routine with the Master Gaspanger Papa Carlo. It fun actually you should try it sometime. But I'm warning you, don't do this to a profound person or a super nerd one or you'll end up having zero laughs. Anyway, here's a last shot of the gelz (sorry we call our boys, gelz). Look at those pecs!! ahahahah! Till next time! ;)


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