Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ellana Mineral Blush

Remember the post I had telling you that I won the giveaway, Ms. Georgia of Wake up for Make up held. Well this product is one of the goodies inside the bag. Ellana Mineral blush in Bunny! Look how lovely the color is.
Well, I'll just reiterate what it said in the label. Pale peach with rosy pink shimmer, and that's actually the description of the color of the blush. Mineral makeup doesn't feel heavy on your skin and it's just feels like you just used a baby powder. That's how light mineral makeup is.

Look how pigmented this blush is.
I don't know if you can notice it but I've blended it a bit on the back of my hand. It really is shimmery, but I love the color because it's not that bold when you use it on your skin. It gives you a rosy glow with a mineralized finish. I'm sure you'll love to try this one. I don't know where Ms. Georgia got this one but I bet this is one of the prettiest blush I've ever tried. Till next time. ;)


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