Saturday, June 2, 2012

Invisible Barrier

My brother and I went to Shangri La Plaza to watch a movie in which he decided not to after a few hours of waiting. We entered the mall at the food court which is in the lower ground floor, it was jam packed of people. Yeah, it's like the food court in any SM mall you'll ever visit. But as we went to the upper ground, less people are roaming around. And within each floor we ascend, number of people decrease. We actually have no idea why because it's our first time in that mall.

We decided to visit the branches of clothes, shoes and bags. And WOW! there is not a thing in that place less than 1thousand pesos. Even a simple mind game toy was worth hundreds. When we entered their department store, we saw my brother's shirt (which was worth less than 500pesos) at a mannequin and priced for over 1,500pesos. What is that all about? We even saw Ms. Agot Isidro roaming the store in plain black tank top and white shorts.

When I saw the stores at the place (which are stores you don't usually see in SM malls), that's when it hit me. The people in this place belong to the high class society or what we call can-afford. And the people confined at the lower ground floor are the ones living in the middle class. I was even shocked to see in a stall where a simple toasted bread with a chicken and vegetable was worth more than a 100pesos. I can even make that at home & I was like:

We don't see it but there's a barrier separating our world from THEIR WORLD. I'm so stingy at time that I'm looking for a perfect dupe of a high class make up. I don't just spend 100pesos on a simple sandwich which I can make at home. I don't usually wear branded clothings because I usually find clothes similar to a branded one at Divisoria or Baclaran or Ortigas or Alabang. There are a lot of alternatives which I usually look for.

So when people say that I'm rich because I've bought a lot of books for my incoming second year in Medicine, I'M NOT RICH. I just think that these books are good investment in the future. I haven't been even out in Luzon, much less outside of the country. That's also a reason why I don't usually go out and go to malls every weekend. I'm quite contented with my life right now because my father is supporting our education. Maybe after I graduate and have my first SWELDO, I'll be the one treating my family abroad. :)


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