Saturday, June 2, 2012

Combined KRAVE Staying Power

Yesterday I have to go to Ortigas to have some work done and I tagged my brother along because we should be watching Snow White and the Huntsman at Shangri La Plaza. We didn't bring the car so we have to commute from our house to Ortigas and walk streets in the middle of the heat. Anyway, I would just like to show you how I look like before going out. I'm under natural light in that photo. I first used the Oil Eliminator & Skin Hydrator from Krave. Let it set for a few minutes then I proceeded with my normal make up routine then set it with Mist Spritz from Krave. I decided to have a sheer cover because I know I'll be under the sun most of the time today. (9am)

And in the photo below, I took it after 8hours inside the Shangri La Foodcourt. I was pretty pleased with the results. I SWEAR I didn't have any touch ups there. I was really glad that I'm not that super oily and the sheer cover I did was just enough to last for 8hours. I'm sooo inlove with KRAVE!!! I'll definitely be repurchasing these after some time. (5pm)
I hope you find the right products to suit your skin. And these great products are just my suggestions. I SUPER LOVE THEM LIKE WAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! Till next time, let me know if you have suggestions for the type of my skin. ;)


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