Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SKIN before stress

I am totally loving my skin this month. Why?
*I haven't been stressed out
*I have been getting enough sleep
*I'm not out that much in the sun
*I'm drinking a lot of water
*I don't rush my skin care routine
*I'm not breaking out
*I don't have huge dark circles under my eyes. 
Can I hear an amen to that?! 
Anyway, I just took a picture to remind me of this moment that I had my "nicest skin" in life. Oh well, our classes will start in June 5 and maybe goodbye to this "nicest skin." I'm getting ready for this second year, our seniors have told us it'll be tough and you'll even regret sleeping thinking it's a waste of time. So instead of sleeping you're studying. I'm trying to read a bit on every subject just to get a head on start. I say to this coming school year? 


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