Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BODHI Vegetarian Health Food

Whenever I go to Ortigas every Friday, I usually eat at Bodhi Vegetarian Health Food stall. It all started when my brother and I are still kids and the nearest mall in our place is the SM Southmall. Whenever we go there we have our lunch at Bodhi because we love the veggie meat they are serving. Usual home cooked meals like afritada, menudo, tinola, curry, sisig, lumpia, meat balls and many more are served. The only difference is that they don't serve animal meat, instead the meat you're tasting is veggie meat. You wouldn't even notice it at all, it's like you're eating pork, fish, chicken or beef.
Still hard to believe? You just have to try it out. Their stalls are located usually at the food court. Why? It is because they serve meals ranging from 69-89 pesos! Very affordable in my opinion. I usually go with 89pesos because it has 2 meal variants, 1 cup rice and 1 ice tea. You can even add on some pansit or lumpia if you want, it is very delicious that sometimes I'll order 2 extra rice. That's how yummy their food is. Good thing is that you won't feel bloated or guilty because you just had a hearty and healthy meal. Sound good huh? What more can I say, just talking about this makes me hungry. :P


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