Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOTD: Red Glasses

It is not literally outfit of the day but YOU DO WEAR GLASSES. You don't chew them or walk on them. I don't have a super clear vision but I'm definitely close to a 20/20. I've had astigmatism when I was a kid so I had to wear glasses just to correct them. My brother had them too when he was a kid. Since I don't have blurry vision, I don't wear glasses, I'm also scared of wearing contact lenses. Just the thought of holding an object that could be attached to the eye scares the crap out of me. Anyway, I do adore people who wear contact lenses because it helps with their vision and it does look good on them. 

I decided to buy glasses for the sake of style. I found a red one and Alvin told me it looks good even though I look a bit older and a geek, he still loves the look. I'm thinking about Ms. Minchin of Sarah the little Princess. She wears cat eye glasses which makes her look more like a villain than a teacher. I love how the frames suits my oval face.
I have no idea why I always don't get cute in pictures. Look at that face! Not even close to a nice shot. Well anyway, I really don't know how to pose and smile normally. ;)


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