Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BRO, license? Strike, manners!

I accompanied Mom to the bank because she need my money to add up with hers because she's going to need it for something I don't understand. Oh well, I would trust my mom with my money besides she taught me how to open a bank account and to deposit & withdraw money from it ever since I was in grade 6. We were about to go home but my brother texted mom to grab some Milo Blast (Milo flavored sundae swirl) at Jolibee so we head on there. 
When we got there, mom was literally shocked when she saw that it was 37pesos. She texted my brother again telling him that it's too expensive for a sundae, he then replied that's he's at the bank looking for us. After almost 10 minutes he arrived at Jolibee with our Hilander Isuzu, that set my mom on fire. See that blue vehicle, that's ours. And that's mom in the blue-green shirt and blue shorts. What a scene! ;)
Mom was so mad and worried at the same time because Marco still haven't got his non-pro license and he's already driving at the highway. I told him that if he gets caught, we can't defend him because it's wrong to drive a vehicle without a license. Mom told him that he'll be getting his license when she stops worrying. So that'll still be a long time. Anyway, he got his Milo Blast then we went home. Mom had pasensia cookies for snack and Strike wanted to have some so mom placed a used bondpaper on the floor to use as placemat for Strike to use. Just to avoid the cookie crumble mess. I love how this family acts! Watch the video here. :)


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