Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mom learns Facebook

We are used to using Facebook as a means of communication, so in order to communicate to people we haven't seen for quite a period of time. I actually use it to get in touch with my classmates during my elementary years or even my relatives whom I haven't seen on months. 2 weeks ago my mom went back to her hometown in Nueva Ecija because she needs to manage our farm there. Well as we say anihan (harvesting time) is usually during summer. Unlike other people who usually go to beaches during summer, our family goes to the farm. Doesn't seem boring for us anyway because we've got our clan from my mother's side over at that place. Mom went to their town and met up with her high school classmates which she haven't seen for like 40 years already. Everyone was so psyched to have a reunion and they even got a group in Facebook where all her classmates are there. 

Anyway, moving on to what I should be really talking about. Mom told me that I should visit the group, the thing is I can't because I'm not friends with my Mom's friends. So I decided to create a facebook for Mom. It is really her facebook now because I've taught her how to log in using her email address & password then viewing the group, adding friends, liking a status or comment and even voicing out her own comment. I took a stolen shot of her browsing through her facebook.
After teaching her the basics of faceboook, I let her browse through the group and read the comments there. She was so glad on hearing about her classmates. She kept on telling me things about her classmates which I have no idea about like this girl married an American, or this guy already had his own resort or this if our teacher that time. She spent almost 2 hours browsing through pages, comments and even photos of them. You can really see that she enjoyed it, and I think for her it is a time well spent. <3


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