Thursday, May 3, 2012

Officially Second Year Med Student

I'm officially a second year med student today!!!
I asked mom to come with me during the enrolment because she has the money, besides she also asked me to accompany her to Loyola in Sucat coz we need to get the check from my bro's educational plan. 

We arrived at my school around 8:30am and I was so glad that it is not crowded like it used to be during enrolment days where you have to be in line for the cashier or registrar for an hour. Anyway, when I asked the officer in the assessment station, he said that I first need to go to the clinic to get a a medical checklist. If I completed even 1 test, I could already enroll and then finish the other medical tests later on.

The first one is the vital signs, then the chest xray. When I got those 2, I went back to the registrar to get assessed then I paid the tuition fee at the cashier. After that I submitted the official receipt then got the blue sticker on my I.D and then I WAS OFFICIALLY ENROLLED AS 2ND YEAR!!! (Sorry if I covered my face with paper. I really look horrible in that picture because the photographer didn't even gave me chance to view my picture before agreeing to put it in my I.D.. Also, that guy took only 1 shot of me so I really had no choice but to deal with that picture!)

Moving on, after I have enrolled I went directly to the University Medical Center DLS to get the other medical exams that I can finish for today. First I went to get my CBC at the laboratory. Yes I'm a nurse and I do injections to my patients telling them that "it's like an ant bite" or "it only hurts a little." But I really don't want to be the one injected. I'm not scared of blood, I'm just a bit scared about getting a needle in my skin. But anyway, I had to do it.

My pulse rate rose and my hands sweat instantly when I knew I was about to be vaccinated with DPT (Diptheria, Pertusis, Tetanus) and MMR (Mumps, Measles, Rubella). It's a requirement for the annual medical exam for medical students so I have to get it. I need 1 shot DPT and 1 shot MMR, so that costs 1,700pesos (800 and 900 pesos respectively.) Sorry for the blurred shot, my mom took this one.

After having shots of these shots, we went straight to the Drug Testing center. They just need a urine sample, that's it. After that we had our lunch at Mcdo where we had Chicken Fillet meal with Sundae and Four seasons float. Mom always eats less during lunch time and I have no idea why. Here's a picture of my mom having delight on her lunch.

After that we went to Alabang to deliver a Sales Invoice of our company to General Instrument's office located at Page building. Then we wait to Loyola office located at Sucat. I actually didn't expect that we'll be going to a memorial park but mom said that the educational plan office of Loyola is also at the memorial park office. 

We were about to go home when mom asked me if we can buy a pair of sandals for their upcoming high school reunion in December. And yes, we found a great pair which has a great design. It is a slip on wedge sandal with a suede cover with animal print, it also has a small belt that can be adjusted according to your feet. Mom's comment? "It is comfortable."

I'm glad mom found a great pair and a great deal. We got the sandals for only 300pesos! After a tiring day we went to the Baker's Fair and bought banana cake slice and hopia ube. It was really good and we both loved it. ;)


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