Friday, May 4, 2012

MINERS cosmetics: The Cheek of It Highlighter stick

Last Wednesday, I was just at home waiting for a package from Make Up Hub By Naturele Collezione. It was an online shop that sells cosmetics like Miners, MeMeMe, Models Own and many more. You should go check it out and I would really appreciate if you hit the like button. Anyway, I was really excited to receive the package that I woke up at around 7am just in case Air 21 delivered that early. Too bad it came around 5pm so I wasn't been able to use it that day.

The Cheek of It! Highlighter stick from Miners cosmetics comes in a mini pink tube with a floral design in it. It is just like the ELF all over cover stick that I had last Tuesday. I'm actually so ecstatic to open it when the delivery man handed it to me. This is also very lovely and very easy to use. AND IT SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!! Just like a lipstick container, you have to twist the lower part of the tube for the product to come out.

May I repeat myself? IT SMELLS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! It really does! What I like about this is it suits my skin color perfectly because it gives enough highlight while maintaining a nice bronzy glow that is not too over powering. It also blends well with the foundation and the blush and I'm still using my blush brush. Here's a swatch of the highlighter. (The shot on the lower part is with a camera flash unlike the upper part. But you can still see the shimmer and it blends perfectly with my skin tone.)

Here's a picture Alvin took. I love it because he just used his camera phone and it's not even HD but the shimmer of the highlight on my cheeks are very noticeable. (Pardon the eyebags. ;P)

Anyway, this is a picture of how I look today.  ;)
Here's the link for:
Miners Cosmetics Website
Miners Cosmetics on Facebook


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