Monday, May 14, 2012

"Mom please let me try a bit make up on you"

It's a monday and we don't have anything to do around here so I asked mom for like a thousand times if I could do her make up. I told her it would be so dramatic because she kept on refusing me. Maybe because whenever I do my make up even when I just stay at home, I go over the edge and look like I'm going to a costume party. Anyway what I just used are:
*ELF All over cover stick (face)
*Ever Bilena Advance Foundation Stick in Creme (face)
*Careline Pressed Powder in Natural (face)
*Avon Pink Blush (cheeks)
*Ever Bilena Precision Blender (eyebrows & eyes)
*Avon Simply Pretty in Lucky Orange

That's it, she won't let me do anything else. She even told me that when she wears lipstick, she doesn't swipe it like I did, she just dabs it on her lips. On her eyes, I have no idea what I'm going to do because she has hooded lids and whenever I tried to put on color it becomes hidden when she opens her eyes. She keeps saying "Tama na kaya, sobra na nilagay mo." (enough, you've already placed too much.) Which is I haven't even done so much on everything. I love you MAMY! Maybe next time you'll agree to what I'm going to do and stop asking me to stop. Here's the before and after, nothing much actually. ;P
Here's the link for:
ELF Website
ELF on Facebook
Ever Bilena Website
Ever Bilena on Facebook
Avon Website
Avon on Facebook
Careline Website
Careline on Facebook


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