Sunday, May 13, 2012

MilkShake Madness c/o my lil bro

It's raining hard outside and we have nothing to do so I guess I'll just blog about my brother's milkshake. He's been having his own milkshakes for many days and I didn't bother to take a taste. The other day, I decided to try it. And gawd, it was so delicious! I've never tasted any milkshare before so I really have no idea (besides the fact that it tastes like milk) how it would taste like. Anyway, I asked him how he does it and here's his recipe. 
*8-10 ice cubes
*2 tbsp of sugar
*2 tbsp of condensed milk
*1/3 glass of fresh milk
*1/4 tsp of butterscotch

He just put them all in the blender and VOILA! His very own milkshake! The butterscotch makes it so yummy and it's the sole reason why it has a different taste besides milk. This is a picture of my brother with his big cup filled with his milkshake. ;))


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