Saturday, May 5, 2012

Impacted no more

I'm scheduled for impacted tooth extraction for today so I woke up at around 7am just to get ready. I had a hearty breakfast because the dentist told me that I won't be able to eat after the procedure. Anyway, I would just like to show you what I wore for today. I had a large sized limited edition ONE HUNDRED YEARS Lasallian shirt because I wanna get comfy when I'm in the dentist's chair and paired it with skinny jeans. Comfy for surgery!!

As I have told you on my post before about my impacted tooth (that's the link for my Xray), I had two impacted teeth, one on each side. The one on the right side is facing anteriorly compared to the normal ones which is facing upwards. This position gave a space which I usually ignored which then became an entry for bacteria because food were lodged there if I don't use a toothpick to remove it. Anyway, here's a picture of how it looked like, credits to my brother Marc. Yes that dark part is the space which lead to tooth decay.

My mom came with me because I kept telling her that I'm nervous like crap! I'm so glad I didn't had any episodes of syncope (fainting). Dr. Kevin Tapawan did the procedure in the span of an hour. In my perception, here's what happened during the procedure (he's telling what he will be doing next):
*Doc checked and cleaned the area
*Injected anaesthesia to numb the area
*He excised a part of the gum to expose the impacted tooth
*He then crushed it into 2 parts, so the roots will be easier to extract
*He extracted the larger part which has a straight root
*Another dose of anaesthesia was injected
*He told me that the smaller part has a bit of a hook on the root that is secured on my mandible so it's hard to easily pull it out like the larger one
*Crushed the tooth a little bit more then pulled the smaller part
*Another dose of anaesthesia was injected
*Cleaned the area
*Sutured the wound for 2 stitches

Here's a picture of what it looked like after the procedure, you can clearly see the suture on the area. No more hurting impacted tooth any more! My mom was with me the whole procedure, she's just rubbing my head telling me it'll be over soon. Keeps me calm actually and my anxiety is somehow lessened. You are the best Mom, thanks! <3


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