Friday, May 4, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

It's a Friday so yes I'm off to Ortigas to pick up some checks. Anyway, here's the look I'm sporting for this day. Mom bought the shirt for 100pesos at Starmall Alabang. The quantum necklace is 300pesos at 168 DiviMall. Balck tube top is around 50pesos at Divisoria. And an old maong pants from the closet. BTW, I just painted my nails on the left hand because I'm really not good at using my left hand for applying nailpolish on my right hand.

I'm so glad I took the MRT at Magallanes station because from the Magallanes-Ortigas EDSAve, the road is on moderate to heavy traffic. So I got at Ortigas station after a few minutes. Here's a view of what I see at Ortigas station. *Traffic! Told yah!*

I decided to have lunch because it's already 11:55am on my watch. And the company will be having their lunch break at 12-1pm. I can't decide what to have for lunch because I'm not that hungry and my appetite is quite on the low levels today. As I was having my lunch at the foodcourt, which is Sisig Hooray and Bubbatealicious, Alvin called and asked where was I because he's already at the foodcourt looking for me! I was literally shocked! He told me an hour ago that he won't be able to accompany me to Ortigas today because they are scheduled for work today. He later on told me that he made an excuse to his commanding officer saying that he needs to send money to her ate because she needs it for POEA. We clever huh?

After getting the check and depositing it to the bank, I went to Watsons to buy the ELF all over cover stick for Agatha. Then we went strolling for almost 2 hours until Alvin asked me to grab something to eat so we could sit down and relax for a while. I asked him if we could buy a milk tea first before heading somewhere to eat and I remembered PJ told me that HappyLemons (located at 3rd floor of SM Megamall) is a great place if you like different flavored milk teas. I ordered Milk tea with Pearl Sago and Puff Cream for 95pesos. I have no idea what a puff cream is but the cashier told me it's sweet so I tried it. But the moment Alvin and I tasted it, we looked at each other and had nothing to say. We just can't the words to describe it. According to him, there was a bitter taste that lingers before the milk tea taste comes. I couldn't agree more. I shaked and stirred it, and that's when he said, "Now it tastes good." And I agree with him yet again.

We ended up at Papa John's Pizza at 3rd floor of SM Megamall after Happy Lemons. We decided to try the Papa John's Special where we had the 12inches pizza (which costs 475pesos) because they don't have the small sized 9inches. Then Alvin also wanted to try the Carbonara (168pesos, I think) because we both love this pasta and we love alfredo / any white sauced pasta. The pizza, for me, if you want original tasting pizza like it's cooked in a pugon this is the place to be. But the taste is just the same as some other pizzas I've tried. It also tastes good and I would like to give a compliment on the crust, I love it because it's crunchy (is that the right term to describe it?) unlike the other pizza. Alvin said he preferred Sbarro over this. And the unli pizza, maybe I'd just go to Greenwich. And the Carbonara, both of us agreed that it lacks taste and we have to sprinkle pepper and salt in it to achieve the taste we wanted. YES! We both know how we want our food to taste. But we enjoyed our stay there (taking pictures while eating) and we went home FULL. ;)

We enjoyed this day because we might not be able to see each other next week. And May 10 is Alvin's birthday, which is next week Thursday. So this date is like a Pre-birthday celebration for Alvin. <3


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