Monday, April 16, 2012

Deciding what to do next

Today was a good day for me.. let me detail in bullets..
*I did a new type of make up. It's from diamondandheels of youtube, Taylor Swift CMA eye make-up. Trying this one and see how it looks like on me.

*Next, mom and I went to the dentist and had my panoramic xray. Just look at that BAD IMPACTED TEETH on both sides of my lower set of teeth. It tends to get painful at times and even Mefenamic acid can't do a damn thing. Oh well, I'm getting it out this month I guess.

*And the last one is that, I got promoted to 2nd year. I'm gonna be a 2nd year Med Student this coming school year and I'm quite excited about it.. 
#139 Mahusay, Majorie Ann Miguel

Off for now, I'm taking this blog one step at a time.. Totally loving it.. I hope I can keep this up even during the school year.. ;)


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