Friday, May 4, 2012

HENGFANG: Volume Glamour Mascara

I'm looking for an alternative for another mascara that would always be easy to use because I just have my Nichido Mascara which has 2 ends. One with the base that is white and the other one which is black that has a lengthening power. Anyway, I found a review by Eloisa about Hengfang Beauty Angel Cosmetics. That's why when I saw a Hengfang mascara from a store at Starmall Alabang, it immediately caught my attention so I said, why not try it.

Here's what the package looks like. It has a long name actually, HENGFANG Volume Glamour 3x Lash Multiplying Effect. I just got the one in color black because I wouldn't risk my lashes to be colored blue or even brown which is also available. Anyway, when I checked the bristles it isn't the same as the normal mascaras that I see. This one has a flexible wand and it's bristles are plastic. I can't remember which Youtube Make up guru made a review about a high end mascara which is exactly like this Hengfang mascara but I'm pretty sure there is someone. Anyway, I found a review of Urban Decay Skyscraper Multi-Benefit Mascara . I think you will find this helpful in comparing because, I'm telling you "it's kinda same for me."

What I love about this is it really gives my lashes the volume it needs. My lashes are really short and just has thin strands so this kind of mascara is like a heaven sent for me. I'm so glad I've tried this one even at first I'm kinda hesitant because it is just 69pesos but I'm glad that I've read that blog KIKAYSIMARIA about a Hengfang product. Anyway here's a picture of my lashes after applying this product. Ahaha, I barely even have lashes on lower lashline. That's how scarce my lashes are. ;))
Do you want to know why I love this so much? It doesn't smudge. Proof? When you wash it with water, it doesn't easily comes off. You have to pinch on your lashes to remove the mascara or use a make up remover. BTW, it comes off after washing your face with soap and/or facial wash. It's like your taking of a coat of your lashes. Here's what it looks like when it comes off.


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