Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Due to my schedule during med school and I have to study past wee hours of the night, I always end up having dark circles around my eyes. If I have time, I use a bit of concealer to hide them, but I need to get more sleep than have time to put on make up. So I tried this Garnier Eye roll on, I just knew about this because of the TV advertisement. It says it has caffeine which reduces the dark circles around your eyes. So when I saw it, I went straight to the mall and bought myself one. Let's start, the package is just a slim container, like a big pencil for toddlers learning how to write. It has a roll on tip which you can glide under your eyes easily.

And yes, for me it works. My dark circles are less noticeable and sometimes I don't use concealer anymore. The product has cooling effect which soothes my tired eyes after hours of reading and it also has caffeine, click GARNIER in case you still want to know more about their products. I love it and you must check it out. ;)

Here's the link for:
Garnier Website
Garnier on Facebook


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