Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Captain America transformation

I'm always amazed at how the digital technology is at the US. Ever since the movie Titanic, it was years ago but the effects whenever I watch it today still blows my mind. Here as some of the movies that literally blow my mind whenever I watch and these are the ones that I always look for the behind the scenes in Youtube:
*Harry Potter movies
*Chronicles of Narnia
*Underworld movies
*Twilight Saga
*MIB : Men In Black
*Spiderman (Tobey!)
*Pirates of Carribean

The latest I've been crazed about is how they got Chris Evans look so skinny in Captain America. I've watched it with my brother and we kept screaming when we saw how he transformed from being skinny to that being muscular. Damn those effects, wayyy too cool! I've got interested in the transformation and behind the scenes because I saw these gifs on Tumblr. (Disclaimer: these gifs are not mine.) See how the muscles disappear into nothing but skin and bones.
I'm okay with that because he looks so serious and he's just lying in a bed ready to be experimented on. Awww... He's the cutest thing ever! I laughed my heart out when I saw this next gif. He's faking it like he can't do a thousand push ups for a minute, he's as big as a truck to be acting like this! Hand down dear, you really are good! ;)
And here is the finished product. The skinny Steve Rogers doing push ups with all of his might. It looks like he's going to break his bones or something! Sorry but he still looks hot even if he's that skinny.
I've seen Chris Evans bulk up like this from the first Fantastic Four movies to being this Captain America. He's like Channing Tatum, he also bulked up a lot. Seeing a much difference from the movie Step Up 1 and Dear John, compare his body in those two movies. I love these guys, they're not only hunks but they are also great actors. <3


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