Thursday, May 17, 2012

P.E -> NEW med bldg tour -> Food Trip

I went to school today to have my physical exam which I wasn't able to have when I enrolled last May 3. I went together with Agatha and KC just because I don't want to go alone. Anyway we're already planning to have a quick tour over the new med building. Unluckily, all of the rooms are closed. Of course except for the ones that are already used by the 3rd year med students. Here are some shots inside the building.
I kept on wondering why do they have inclined planes here?
So we have 5 floors? Agatha said, it looks like SM.

So 5 floors plus stairs equals CARDIO WORKOUT!!!
I'm wondering, are these little windows fire exits?
And of course! De La Salle Health Sciences Institute campus will never be complete without a fountain! Water brings good luck, thanks Bro. Gus!
After our mini tour we head straight to SM Dasma to have our lunch at Bar-B-King. It's charcoal grilled barbeques of pork, chicken, beef and shrimp. I also wanted to try the Pancit Luglog because it looks so appetizing. KC and I ordered Honey Chicken Barbeque while Agatha tried Sweet Barbeque Liempo.
While we're having our lunch at Bar-B-king, I saw the guy from the school clinic just a few tables away from ours. I'm guessing he's a 1st year med student. Why? First, he doesn't have any companion at the moment. Second, he's not even texting the whole time. Third, I think he's lost! Ahahaha. Anyway, here's a stolen shot of him. ;P
The food there was great and we plan on going back there with our other friends, especially the guys because they eat A LOT. And the unlimited rice will be so SULIT for them. You should also try Bar-B-King! ;)
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