Monday, May 14, 2012

Beauty Products from Sellers ONLINE !!!

Lately I've been crazed about make up and I've been browsing a lot of online beauty shops where I can view different products and brands which are not usually available here in our country. Sometimes the brand is available in some malls but a certain product isn't and that's what online beauty shops are for. The BEST part of these shops is that sometimes they have lower prices, giveaways and even sales! Isn't that cool, great quality of great products for great prices?

Some of the online beauty sellers which has great deals are:
*Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals
(These are organic skin care products which your skin will thank you for using. These products are used by Ms. Say Tioco Artillero during a make over. They also got the Oil Eliminator which is the best seller as of NOW!)

*Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione 
(Some of her products are used by Ms. Say Tioco Artillero, I even bought a product from her. You can read it in this post.)

(Some of her products are used by blogger Celline of Product Arena and Eloisa of Kikay Si Maria)

*Le Faerie Cosmetics

*The Make Up Suite


*Sweet & Sparkle

*Malditta Shopping Box

Anyway, moving on. Karen, a friend of mine is staring her own online beauty shop called The Sparkle House. Like the page and you'll be able to view some of the products she's selling. She said that she'll be having some beauty products at affordable prices. She's got EOS lip balm which has been a craze all over the world for its quality. And MAC body pigment which are highly pigmented is recommended for photos in which you'll appreciate eye make up in HD pictures. Here's a screen shot from her page.
These girls are not just sellers. They are so friendly that you can even ask them what is a good shade of foundation for you or what lipstick can will suit you dress for an occasion. Just contact them, they are always of help and they could be a great friend too! <3


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