Saturday, April 21, 2012

There's more to come..

I have nothing much to do today so I decided to replicate this look..

And this is how it turned out..

Not much into it. Just a blue-green and blue eyeshadows with a bit of a dark brown on the crease. I forgot to wear a mascara, but I had thin eyeliner on upper lashline. Hot pink blush and a rosy pink lipstick. Err.. I haven't even combed my hair!

Another thing is that our kasambahay saw a chicken on our garage trapped on our parked bike. We don't have any idea who owns it so she decided to take care of it, besides she knows how because in their province she's been taking care of hundreds of chicken as their source of income. She guessed that it was there hours ago because when she gave the chicken some rice to eat, it literally poppin the grains non-stop.

And here are the books I bought for this coming school year. I was really hoping I will be able to read this. 26k isn't a joke, I must take this crap seriously. I will be starting maybe today on Obstetrics (a subject I'm a bit familiar with) then Pediatrics (I totally love kids!).. Oh well, time to get ready for this battle *highlighters on!* .. ;)

I guess that's it for today.. Better get going on this bumpy ride to 2nd year! ;)


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