Monday, April 23, 2012

Scholarship.. Yes or No?

I went to school today to get the recommendation letter I requested from doc ja for my academic or financial scholarship.

As you can see, the name is Marjorie. My name Majorie is always confused with Marjorie. Maybe because Marjorie is more common than mine. Anyway, doc jah stated really nice things about me and I really appreciate that. I will state the sentences I like most. This is the part where my class standing is noticed and I was part of the top 100 performing students.
"She is a tireless student and her grades have been consistently exemplary. She has always excelled in her academics and stands among one of the top performing enrolled students in her class in General Anatomy and was granted a priviledge of not taking the FINAL EVALUATION in Anatomy as an Exempted Student on that date out of 307 batch mates"

And here is where our effort of reviewing our classmates and friends are recognized. This review session started when Kent (a friend of mine) decided to review us and reminded us that we have to pull our grades together. And the review session worked for our circle of friends because that time was almost 9 of us got on the TOP students of that evaluation. From then on, we never ceased to review one another as our help to each other.
"She's one of the students who always volunteers for any review course in Anatomy designed for her classmates & friends. Many students in her batch have sought her advice, like a group leader and many have shared with me their appreciation of her watchful unremitting attention for her batch mates academically."

It was literally the best letter I have ever read, knowing that someone notices our effort for the whole batch to succeed. It was really nice and heart warming if I may describe it. I love the circle of friends that I got into. I'm gonna shout out for Bebe, Kc, Japa, Cat, Joy, Carlo, Kent, Jay, Fritz and Jep. For the guys, it was really nice of you to support all of us girls *coz you all can see that we are really trying our best to keep up with you guys* Love you all from the bottom of my heart.. ;)

BTW, moving on. If the letter from our adviser was deeply heart warming, the letter from our barangay was deeply nerve racking! Like, what was that all about.. It just said that I'm a "law abiding citizen and has not committed nor involved in any unlawful activities in our barangay." I don't know how to react when I got it, they also took 30minutes before they gave it to me and it costs 20pesos. I have no idea what has got into them. At that the end it says, "I hope that you will accomodate him." OMG!!! Am I that bad looking girl that I could be mistaken as a guy? Anyway, it's making me doubt everything about my scholarship application. The signs are not pointing me to this path.. ;(

And I would like to show you my eye make up on top of the Scholarship Application form or Scholarship Data form. I really doubting about this, my parents don't even have the slightest idea that I'm applying for a scholarship.


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