Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obstetrics.. Books & Experience

The first section from The Williams Obstetrics are the must know Obstetrics. There's embryology, menstrual period, fetal and maternal physiology. These are topics discussed in our first year as a med student so I had no problem reading them all over again. 

I wasn't able to go down and have some snack so ate She bought some pandesal, pansit & orange juice. I love the bread here besides the fact that it is tasty even with just butter, it costs only 1peso each. I'm not much into pansit but I have to eat it or else I'll be drained from reading.

Yup that's my Obstetrics books (having yellow & orange highlight with pink pen lines). I'm far from finishing this book but I'm maximizing my time since I wasn't able to go out of town to go swimming or hiking or even just travel this summer vacation. Oh well, I'm excited about the section 2 of this book because it's all about parturition. I'm reminiscing the experiences as a student nurse at Fabella Memorial Hospital (the famous paanakan). 

From assisting the patient to bear down (because yelling won't help), from massaging the belly for uterine contractions, cleaning the baby, taking the head circumference to weighing and covering the baby in a blanket using the mummy technique. They are just totally adorable, you will never be able to stop yourself from loving them. ;)

You need to yell "BABY OUT" for the other nurses to know that they will be cleaning a baby any moment.

I also encounter a baby with caput succedaneum. This is a condition where a swelling on the baby's scalp caused by prolonged birthing process. The head first delivery tends to take longer when the head is lodged in the vaginal wall causing the baby's head to have a slight elongation *swelling*. It heals because the molding is just a temporary phase, within a week of massaging the head of the baby, it will return to its normal shape. It usually looks like this after the baby is out. 

That's it for now, I need to read some more of that book.. ;P


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