Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MED books for me (being a 2nd year student)

* FAUCI = Harrison's Principles of internal medicine Vol 1 & 2 (17th ed)
>>HSI = P6750
>>MARSF = P5980

*BICKLEY = Bates' guide to physical exam and hx taking (10th ed)
>>HSI = P2795
>>MARSF = (Internatl ed / colored) P2290, (SEA ed / not colored) P1065

*BRUNICARDI = Schwartz's Principle of surgery with principles of surgery absite & board review (9th ed)
>>HSI = P7648
>>MARSF = P6270

*KUMAR = Robbins & cotran pathologic basis of dse (8th ed)
>>HSI = P4898
>>MARSF = (Internatl / colored hard bound) P4015, (SEA ed / colored hard bound) P2870

*STEVENS = Wheater's Basic Pathology: text, atlas & review of histopath (5th ed)
>>HSI = P1595
>>MARSF = P1310

*BRUNTON = Goodman & gilman's pharmacological basis of therapeutics (12th ed)
>>HSI = P6348
>>MARSF = P5205

*CUNNINGHAM = William's Obstetrics (23th ed)
>>HSI = P5598
>>MARSF = P4920

*KIEGMAN = nelson textbook of pediatrics and child health (18th ed)
>>HSI = P5598
>>MARSF = P3845

HSI = P41,230
MARSF = P31,465

That is a lot of money. I really need to study hard this coming school year.. ;P


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