Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIGMAN's Best Halo-Halo

Ok so maybe we were kinda late about hearing about Digman's best Halo-Halo. But at last we made it! We have to look for the place. Uhmm, here's a screencap of google map to locate DIGMAN. 
The checkpoint to look for here is the St. Dominic College of Art and Science. If your taking the road from Bacoor, take the road going to Costal. When you reach an intersection, make a LEFT and straight on. Look out for a HALF ARCH on the right side of the road, there is a small street then make a RIGHT, small walk from the main road and you'll find another street then make a LEFT which you will see this sign.
More info about how to get there and why DIGMAN is one of the best Halo-Halo, after the break. Click Read More. ;)

Same goes with the ones from Manila. I posted this sign because there are a lot of other restaurant that offers Halo-Halo. I just want to make sure you get to the right place. Anyway, when we entered the place, there is a small Sto. Nino at the center which I think is why the place have been here for years.
Almost all the pictures are courtesy of Agatha Bebe, taken by Jay San Luis
And what we saw totally had us drooling. The ingredients are totally fresh. Ok, now let's start with the one that had me in denial for a few minutes. This gigantic leche flan literally made me wanna rethink my table manners. It was almost 4 inches high. How did they manage to cook that? I was thinking maybe it'll lose some of it's flavor. But no, it didn't.
The next one is the.. uhmmm.. I think this is corn? That's a wild guess.
And then there's the white beans. I love how chewy is this. I mean is that how it's suppose to be? Nevertheless, I enjoyed munching on it.
Next one is the halaya/ube. I love the face that it's not that sweet and it compliments the other ingredients quite fine. It's not grainy and not that sticky. So you don't get the feeling of having it stick on your palate.
Then there is the red jelly. The thing is that it's not watery and doesn't dissolve that quickly unlike other jellies that are made "without passion". Ahahahha. That sounded awkward. Anyway, maybe red is the color of choice just to have a contrast with the other ingredients. 
Another Pinoy's favorite, the macapuno. This gives the halo-halo a unique taste. The typical halo-halo just uses the usual coconut strips, but with this it adds up to the sweet taste over-all. Less sugar that is!
Then we have,red beans. These have a taste that I can't describe. Maybe because I'm not that particularly good at describing tastes or I just lack the proper adjective to place. Anyway, I think most halo-halo have these. 
Next are the tapiocas / sago. I love how they are adequately cooked. Not mushy, overcooked or hard to chew undercooked like the ones I have tried.
Ok the last on the list is the Nata de Coco. I have no idea what's the english term for this and I also love chewing these, specially when it is on a fruit salad. On the halo-halo, it's a thumbs up for me!
The regular halo-halo costs 55php and the special order (which has an ice cream on top) is 65php. We ordered the special because why not? Ang layo na ng byahe namin kaya lubos-lubusin na noh!
Another thing is the HOME MADE SIOPAO. You would know it's home made because the bread is warm and definitely soft. I want to quote my friend's comment, "Sobrang sarap ayaw ko muna lunukin." See? This is also a must try here at this place. This costs 22php, and it is definitely worth it. #nomnomnom
Let me know if this had been helpful for you. You can also leave something on the comment box below in case you wanna share thoughts about their food. Thanks for dropping by! And before I end this post, lemme just add some of our pictures here. ;)


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