Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014: Starting the Year of the Wooden Horse right

I have been in a great hiatus because of purely school work. I decided to concentrate more on my studies because it was one insane ride. And now that we have our finals this February, maybe I should let you know what had me motivated even when at times that I don't feel like getting up.

  1. GOD. Of course! No explanations needed. He has plans.
  2. I'm excited for my Junior Internship. I know that we'll be the lowest form of mammal in the hospital. and to quote Bailey, "You're interns, grunts, nobodies, bottom of the surgical food chain. You run labs, run orders, work every second night until you drop and don't complain."
  3. And the third on is of course GRADUATION which will still be on year 2015. But oh well, I'm just excited to see this.
Then again, we still have a lot to learn and there are still a lot of things to master. Well that's besides how to sleep with your mind awake, or how to eat while running orders. So I'm kinda sorry for not keeping up with my blog. By the way, my blog is like my own kind of diary that I'm just sharing to the world. Thanks for dropping by! ;)


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