Friday, September 6, 2013

JASJ Soap Clinique

Hello there, I have been rotated to Internal Medicine as our wardwork schedule. And our group's preceptor was a Dermatologist, which made me realize that not all skin disease are the same and if you don't have sufficient knowledge about a certain symptom, it is better to refer. She made us realize that it's ok not be a "know-it-all" doctor, referralmis the best you can do for your patient.

And the best advice she gave to us is to take care of our skin, the first step is to maintain a good skin barrier. And with that, she told us to use the mildest soap we can find in the store. We should choose soaps that has more moisturizer than soap. It keeps the skin hydrated, soft and protected. Oils in the soap makes it more mositurizing. Chemicals in the soap can be hidden in messages that say, protects the skin from bacteria or prevents body odor. These chemicals tend to dry out skin and makes it more prone to scratches and infection.

With that lengthy intro, I'd like to tell you about soaps. A friend of mine recently opened a soap store. JASJ SOAP CLINIQUE. These soaps are organic soaps which will definitely make your skin thank you for a great choice. These soaps are made with nature's product so no worries about having some chemicals that could harm your skin. Without further ado, here's the products they have that I have with me.

The samples I got are:
Lemon grass soap
Dayap soap
Tomato and milk soap
Orange Papaya soap
Green Papaya soap
Luminous soap
Ultrawhitening soap
Oatmeal with honey soap
Citronella soap
Carotene soap
Skinlite soap

I will be reviewing the soaps with me in the following weeks. For now, I would definitely appreciate it if you can hit the LIKE button on their facebook page. 
I'm quite sure you'll find something that will satisfy your skin's needs. Thank you for your time and tell me what do you want to see first. See you next time and thank you for dropping by! ;)


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