Monday, September 9, 2013

COBO Milk Tea

In the search of a new milk tea, I discovered a new store at SM Dasma just beside the cinemas. And yes I need to try it, I know I do the moment I saw it. And of course, I ordered the usual. Caramel Milk tea, which is my favorite. I love it so much. Milk tea with a kick of caramel. They serve it in a plastic cup sealed and served with a huge bore straw. The look is typical for milk teas that are serves in stores and freshly blended as you order. The price starts at 80php and they have different add ons like pearls, green tea jellies and coffee jellies and some bobba.
The milk was quite bland, the tea was ok. I like their milk tea but not enough sweetness to love them. By the way, they also have this chart in which you can choose how you like your mik tea. Less ice, more sweetness, a little hot and the like. Such preference are usual to freshly made milk teas. I love the taste of the pearls because they are cooked perfectly, I love to chew on pearls on my milk tea. I think it adds to the appeal of the drink itself.  Anyway, have you tried this one? Let me know on the comment box below. Thank you for your time. ;)


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