Monday, June 10, 2013

ESSENCE get BIG lashes

This beauty brand was claimed to be No.1 in Europe. Wow! I wasn't even aware of this brand until I saw one of the post of TBJ. I love drugstore make up, why? It is because they are affordable. I am not much into mascara but I decided to try this one because I need a new mascara. The old one I have have been dried out. Anyway, moving on to the product.
This one is worth 169pesos for a 12ml tube and I bought it at SM Makati Watsons. I really have scarce lashes and the VOLUME word on the tube made me buy it.
And let's move on to what I am suppose to tell you about. The product itself. It claims to provide maximum volume and perfectly curved lashes, and a good thing about this is that it is Opthalmologically tested. So you now know that your eyes will be safe with this baby. And now for the wand, a mascara is only as good as its wand.
The wand will make you a believer. Just look at it, it has over a hundred of strands that will keep each of your lashes separated and coated. I love the fact that even if you coat it more than ones, lashes will not clump together. It is also bent which is a great help in giving you that curl you need. Here are the shots on application of the product.
I would definitely purchase another Essence get BIG lashes mascara when I'm done with this one. It dries fast, doesn't smudge and can be easily removed by a make up remover. I love it. Have you tried this one? Let me know in the comment box below. Thank you for your time. ;)


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