Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CASE: Neonate with rolling of the eyeballs

I was hoping for the best and expecting the worst, but still got my heart broken when I heard the news.

The patient was born (4 o'clock in the morning) healthy with an APGAR of 9 at home with the help of a hilot. The neonate was pink, more than 100 pulse, letting out a strong cry and active. After cutting the cord, the hilot injected something at the umbilical cord of the neonate telling the mother that it is for infection. No complications from both mother and baby was noted within the first few hours after delivery. 

After the first day, the mother noticed that her baby is really calm and was not even crying most of the time. "Napakabait nga po eh, hindi umiiyak kahit nagugutom or basa yung diaper" 44hours after delivery, the mother started to notice that the baby's eyes are rolling backwards and some stiffening of the upper extremities. This prompted the parents to bring him to the provincial hospital. 

The doctor assessed the nonate as soon as they got to the emergency room. They provided the neonate with anti-biotics and oxygen. The condition still persisted. According to the mother "Kahit po natuturukan ng injection ay hindi umiiyak ang baby ko." The neonate soon started to turn bluish on extremities and no regular movement were observed. The doctor told the mother that the neonate has a hole in his heart.

They continued with the anti-biotics and oxygen but the neonate didn't get any better. After 3 days at the hospital, the baby died.



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