Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Another milk tea adventure I'd like to share to you. I was at ATC (Alabang Town Center) to meet my nursing friend, kasi last kami nagkita y noong graduation pa! GRABEHAN LANG SA TAGAL. She's busy in work nowadays and planning to take NCLEX, while I'm busy at med-school. I haven't seen my nursing classmates for more than a year now and seeing them gives me that feeling that no relationship can top that.
Oops, that was way too far from the topic I'm suppose to talk about. Anyway, moving on to +SERENITEA. It's the first time I've tried this one because I haven't seen a store with the usual malls I go to. I ordered Okinawa and added some pearls. For me, a milk tea is incomplete if it doesn't have pearls in it. You can also choose what level of sweetness, from 0-100% sugar. I asked it to be 100%. The price range is from 80pesos (for plain milk tea) up to more than a hundred based on the add-ons.
Photo from Google

I usually order Okinawa in other milk tea stores just because I love my milk tea with a hint of caramel to make it sweeter. I don't know but when I tasted it it was quite bland for me. Maybe there is too much ice in it? I was looking for a bit of a strong tea taste rather than just milk. I'll try other milk tea flavors they have (Hokkaido perhaps) and I'll compare it. Somehow, I was a bit disappointed on my order. But I will not give up, because I love milk tea! Here's the link of the Facebook page in case you want to look for other locations of Serenitea. Thank you for your time! ;)


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