Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I BELIEVE: Frequent cutting of hair is GOOD

Maybe you have heard of this tip before, maybe not. But it's worth a post and for those who have not heard about this, let me tell you about it. 
Did you know that cutting your hair every 3 months 
makes it grow faster? 
Well, you might say how is cutting your hair short make it longer? Let me tell you an example. You cut your nails almost 3x a week or more if you want really short nails. Shaving your legs or underarms makes the hair grow faster than waxing it. It's the same about our hair, yes we know it's our crowning glory and we need to keep it in tip top shape. Cutting your hair makes it grow longer faster because you cut away the split ends that make your hair look bad, and cutting is healthy for your hair. Of course trimming your hair in 3 inches or more will make it shorter, try having it trimmed to a minimal (perhaps less than an inch) enough to get rid of the split ends and unhealthy hair. Your hair will thank you for this act. Let me know what you think and till next time! ;)


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