Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Speak your Mind!

Remember that your account whether it is on facebook, twitter, blogger or anywhere, must not be manipulated by other people. Let's say for example, I don't like the pink bag my friend is using. If I post it on MY ACCOUNT as a shout out, people might agree or disagree. It just boils to idgaf. If I post something just to please everybody, why did I create my OWN ACCOUNT? I should've made a page where I should post things people more likely to approve. A page that anonymous people like.
Ang ibig ko lang ipahiwatig ay bakit kailangan pakialaman ng ibang tao kung ano man ang aking sinasabi. Kung ayaw ng isang tao ang aking sinasabi, bakit pa siya mag uubos ng oras para basahin at pagtuunan ng pansin ang isang bagay? Walang aktibista sa lugar na ito.  Ano ang opinyon niyo tungkol sa ganitong bagay?
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