Monday, November 26, 2012

Bon Chon

Have you tried eating at Bon Chon? It is actually one of my favorite places to have some great tasting food. Eventhough I usually order the chicken and the ko-yo or korean yogurt. By the way, Bon Chon is a korean fastfood known for their great tasting chicken. They don't provide gravy or any other side seasoning for the chicken because the chicken is already infused with tasteful flavors you'll definitely want more. 
Here I have the chicken and the chops (which means porkchop). Taste is pretty much the same, DELICIOUS!! ;))

The frozen yogurt was one of their best seller, and it comes with an affordable price! What more can I say? Try them at your nearest mall, and you can also check out their facebook page in case you want to know where's the nearest bon chon. Here are some shots when I went out with my friends.

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