Sunday, November 4, 2012

SemBreak 2012: Heading North

From Cavite to Ilocos is nearly a 12hours drive, plus another 2-3hours heading to Cagayan. Why did dad choose to be on the road than fly? Well because we will be seeing a lot of beautiful places on the way to Cagayan. Anyway this post will be lengthy so be ready. Let's start! On our way to the North we left Cavite at around 6pm. We packed some clothes and food for our trip. And for our breakfast stopover at North Luzon Expressway, I tried a new Milk Tea called Tea & Co.. Just an original flavor because they don't have a Caramel one. It costs 70pesos plus 10pesos for the pearls. Costly, I think. I don't like the packaging because the cap can't contain the milk tea inside causing spillage. The taste: just fair. It lacks the original milk tea taste I'm craving for. Would suffice if you are looking for a milk tea but not the best.

And a quick stop over at Vigan to buy the ever so delicious Longganisa. You should definitely try it. Dad likes it with vinegar, I like it as is.
We arrived at Pagudpod around 8:30pm so we decided to find a hotel and spend a night there because it's kinda scary to travel during the night. And because a lot of signs on the road with the word Hannah's Beach Resort and some instructions on how to get there, we decided to look for it. We are so glad we found it because the travel was worth it. Dad said it's the Boracay of the North due to it's fine white sand and yes, it is. Take a look at my Dad & Borther enjoying the beach!
And some getting crabs a few feet under the surface of the sand. Dad said that it's yummy because their crab meat will have their own taste, maybe due to their small size. So they decided to bring it home with a bit of water in a container. I totally forgot the trivia about that because it ended up pulling my shirt when we were at car! Errr! Crazy! I was literally standing at the backseat just to avoid that crab. Seriously.
I told you, pure fine white sand. Boracay of the North! The great thing about this place is that it's kinda secluded so when we were there, there is just a few people swimming around. Feels like we own the beach! Another plus is that they have many swimming pools all over the place!
We keep on wondering why they named the resort Hannah. Maybe because... Isang batang heredera ang nagmamay ari ng resort na ito. We also found a lot of playgrounds and superhero, celebrity, cartoon character statues like Superman, IronMan, Hulk, Snow White, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Optimus Prime. Here's a sample out of all the statues in the place.
After check out, we went to Bangui Windmills. Yes it is just an hour drive from Pagudpod. And it is all worth it. The Windmills are soooo amazing to look at. No wonder they are one of the famous landmarks of the north. There are about 20 of these huge things that generate electricity for Ilocos.
After Bangui wind mills we are are heading to Cagayan. But first, let's not forget about the Patapat Viaduct. You just couldn't resist the beauty of this place. You just have to get out of the car and take a picture.
Look at that forest, virgin. Another cute thing about this Viaduct is that it has man made falls. Literally beautiful. My mom and brother asked me to take a picture of them near the falls.
We arrived at Ballesteros, Cagayan a little past noon. And since we didn't have any appliances with us in case Dad decided to stay at my late grandma's house, Mom suggested we stay at a hotel yet again. The next morning, Mom and Dad went to the market while my brother and I decided to take a swim. In the afternoon, we went to our great grandma's tomb at the cemetery where dad placed the lapida.
And here's a shot of Cagayan's own version of tricycle. It can contain 11people inside including the driver. 4 on each side and one on each side of the driver. To me it looks like a mini jeepney.
After spending time on my Dad's side of the family at Cagayan. We headed south to Nueva Ecija for my Mom's side of the family. Gawd! I miss my lola so much. She's like the best ever. We even thought she would reach a hundred years old. Anyway, in God's arms she will rest. I miss you lola. I hope you are now happy and pain free there. ;)
And spending a little time with these kids, my nieces and inaanak. Awww.. I miss playing with them. I haven't seen them for like more than a year that's why I'm so shocked to see them so tall. The eldest was near my height already. Kids are the reason why I want to be a pediatrician some day. But I was thinking, I don't like seeing children cry or in pain. So I guess I'll just look for another specialty.
That's practically how I spent my sembreak. It's fun but reality is about to kick in, in a few hours. I guess I'll just have to deal with it. I'm hoping I get a scholarship next year. I'd try harder, I can't promise but I will try. Let's do this! ;)


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