Tuesday, October 9, 2012

YUMMY: Lechon Kawali

I just want to share to you guys that last night, I was shocked to have Lechon Kawali for dinner. I didn't really expect to have that on a normal day like this. We usually have it during Christmas or New Year. Our kasambahay cooked it to perfection. And what do I mean by perfect? Super crunchy na balat at super sarap nguyain na laman!
DID YOU KNOW: to be able to have a crunchy skin for the lechon kawali, you have to steam it first to let the meat inside be cooked. After that, you have to freeze it until the skin become stone-hard (not literally, but you get what I mean). After some time, when you are ready to cook it, immerse it in boiling oil without defrosting it. This makes the skin of the prok crunchy. Look how surprised and happy daddy is! Oops, we limited his servings for this lechon kawali because of his hypertension. I don't have hypertension, maybe because of my hyperthyroidism. It makes my body metabolize fatty food faster than normal individuals. Which is the reason why I never get too fat. Anyway, enough of this blabber. How do you cook lechon kawali? Leave me a tip on the comment box below! ;)


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