Friday, October 12, 2012

Thank God I made it thru Friday

I just survived the first wave of exams! Microbiology, Pathology and Pharmacology. And you ask me how did I do? I can't describe it. I mean it, it seems like the exam is soooo crazy it is out to get almost each one of us. It's like a killer in a thriller movie. You just want to get out and RUN! During the patho and pharma evals, I was literally guessing every number! I feel like dying, how is it even possible to have an exam like that?? ;(
Luckily in MED, we don't have a way out. Ginusto natin toh eh, panindigan na natin. Pagdating ng araw eh maganda ang kahihinatnan natin. Taking another sip of coffee might not be enough, sometimes I saw memes where cartoons of Med Students already had a coffee infused in their blood. What can I say, precisely. We need to keep ourselves awake just to keep up with the readings. It's really crazy how med life can drive you nuts. Don't worry, I'm hanging on. I can do this, God help us.


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