Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Takoyaki and Milk tea

I have always wanted to have some great tasting takoyaki like the one KC had when we were at Mall of Asia. That one really tasted good and you really get a chance to chew on an octopus, which I think it is because of the tentacles. Anyway, I've been craving for it one day so when I saw a stall that sells 20pesos for 4 takoyaki, I just had to try it. I also bought a regular milk tea from SmooTea for I think 35 pesos. It's delicious you've got to try this. And I think there are a lot of stalls of SmooTea nationwide.
I forgot the name of the store but I remember that it is located at the lower ground floor of Robinsons Dasma near the entrance facing Terraza. It' not that yummy compared to the one I had at MOA but it is enough to suffice my craving for takoyaki. I hope you could try iy and let me know what do you think. Do you have other suggestions for me? Thank you for your time and godbless.. :-)

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