Friday, September 14, 2012

BIGGIE week-ender

Stressed out? If your answer is no, this post might not be appropriate for your reading pleasure. If your answer is YES, you might just relate yourself with what we had. On Monday, September 17, it's my birthday and we will be having a Pharmacology evaluation exam. This is a way to get ready for that battle. See this picture? Can you please count all the BIGGIEs you see?
We had a dozen of laughs. Thank you sa pasimuno diyan na bilog! When we usually have a great time, we ended up having a bad time later on. So I was hoping that the bad time was the moments where I had to wait in line just to be et into a jeep for a ride home. Napakahaba naman kasi ng pila bawat biyernes. Anyway, I just had a simple mushroom melt burger with a regular soda drink which costs 55pesos. Jay had an order of SON OF BACONATOR. Please ignore the awkward background. ;)
And I'm gonna include another picture just because this is a picture where KC smiles and Fritz looks like he's gonna beat up some random guy he sees. Oops, that caption for Fritz (the guy in black) should be on the other group picture. Anyway, that's practically it. I'll be treating myself with this next time or maybe on my birthday. ;)
Have you tried the Cheesy Baconator or just the Original Baconator? What do you think about it? Besides the fact, pinapadali nito ang buhay mo. Let me know what you think on the comment box below. Thank you so much for reading, till next time! ;)


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