Saturday, August 18, 2012

VITRESS Hair Polish

I've been using these type of hair polish whenever I get too lazy to use conditioner on my hair, a reason why is because I lack the time to do so. Anyway, I decided to tell you girls about this because it is a great product for your hair & your hair will definitely thank you for it.

The VITRESS Hair Polish not only controls the frizz & add shine, it also protects your hair from the sun. Did you know that too much exposure to the sun will cause hair damage, including frizziness, breakage & loss of color. With this product you will have healthy & shiny hair. Let me give you a sample of my hair with this product.
See? Even from afar, you can definitely see how my hair shines. No frizz and it is definitely protected. Might I just add that my hair also feels smooth with this. You can apply this product whether your hair is wet or dry, and it gives a very nice looking healthy hair. No wonder it's the winner of the Cosmopolitan Awards 2011. It's certainly a must have for unruly hair. Thank you for your time & let me know of other hair products you're using in the comment box below. ;)


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