Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food trip - Robinsons Sale

Since we had a half day Saturday classes, KC and I decided to go to DLSU-Dasma. Kent and Jeff accompanied us because they don't have anything to do.    Oops, birthday gelz on the go! ;)
And there's more because we love food, we decided to have our lunch at the Square canteen. It's been 5 years since the last time I had something to eat from Square canteen and we ended up at Oven maid. Look at the gelz searching for a food they might like.

KC and I ended up having cordon blue. Jeff had some sisig and Kent had some sizzling omelet. After that, I asked for a blueberry cheesecake and the gelz came back with 4 slices of different cakes. 2 carrot cakes, 1 chocolate covered silvanas and 1 blueberry cheesecake.
After having our lunch, we headed for Ms. Aila's place because she needs to buy her own Encara BB Cream. She loved it the first time she tried it and I know she'll love it even more. Look at how green DLSU-D is. At DLSU-HSI, we rarely see trees because of the buildings that are needed due to increase of patients needing health care.
We then head straight to Robinsons Imus just to purchase some ELF products.  I bought 1 all over cover stick and 1 all over color stick. Find them here!  ;)
And that's it for that day, we strolled around looking at almost every dress and make up and anything under the sun. I love seeing dresses and shirts that range from 199 to 300pesos only. It's a window shopping galore for both of us because of the Sale!
So visit the Robinsons Mall near you and join the Red Hot Sale. Plus, the make up section at the department store is sooooo awesome and they also had huge discounts and buy-one-take-one promos. If you love make up, you should check this section out! Thank you for reading! ;)


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