Saturday, July 14, 2012

Propofol Knockout

Propofol, an anaesthetic drug. We used this drug to cause drowsiness or loss of activity to a rabbit. We had an experiment in Pharmacology where we need to administer Propofol using different routes each group to a rabbit. We were assigned to Intravenous and we used the marginal veins on the rabbit's ear to administer the drug. After 7 seconds, it became drowsy with no righting reflex (inability to get up from lying down). After 12 minutes he regained his activeness.
 Oh well, I'm just sharing you our experiment because when we had a class discussion about it. I fell asleep and my seatmate Jay took a picture of me. May I just point out that I love my eye make up that time! Using the ELF smokey eye palette, I tried the instant smokey eyes from gossmakeupartist in Youtube. You should also try it, it's insanely easy! Here's a link of the video.
Please subscribe to Wayne because he's giving away free make up and a dozen of make up tips, I'm pretty sure you'll love him. I'll be talking to you next time. ;)


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