Friday, July 13, 2012

NAILS: Purp and Yellow

I just wanna show you guys what are the colors of my nails. Well it's Purple on my toenails and Yellow on my fingernails. Isn't it cute? I don't usually color my fingernails because it's a hassle for me. I'm painting my left fingernails perfectly because I'm a right handed person, but the opposite goes for painting my right fingernails. errrr. I'm not ambidextrous ok? 
I have my nails done at the salon here in our place where I pay 50pesos for a manicure and another 50pesos for a pedicure. I usually had my pedicure there because I always have stubborn nails on my big toes in which they tend to hurt when they grow. For me, it's a sign that I should have my pedicure. Anyway, have you seen the video Purp-and-Yellow song? It's about the Lakers, you can Youtube search it. Till next time! ;)


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