Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oseur Glitters

Japa gave the 3 of us eye make up that are in kinda gel type with a lot of blue glitters. I got a blue one, Agatha had the red and KC got green. I've been using it as a primer and it works quite well and makes the eyeshadow powder last longer. Plus it gives a little something with blue glitters. I love it! Here's how the package looks like.

I really love it!  Since it's a clear gel type with glitters, I don't have much problem applying eyeshadow colors on top of it. No words can express how  love having this product, thank you your highness. Let me give you a swatch of this amazing product.
When you spread it using your fingers, the glitters will be left leaving a nice a hit of blue shimmer. You can also control how much shimmer you want since the glitter adheres evenly to the gel. What else can I say, I really love it. Do you have any other suggestions for me? Thank you for your time. ;)


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