Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3rd Year Med Student

One time while I was reviewing for Basic Pathology Skin Infection, I decided to spend my waking afternoon hours roaming the library with my notes in hand (pretending that I'm busy memorizing). Anyway, I came across Dan and PY at the 3rd floor because they're reviewing for their next evaluation exam.

I decide not to bother them because they're pretty serious on recalling all the things they have learned. When I checked their notes, it was SURGERY. All the knowledge established during gross anatomy class like: 
What are the retroperitoneal organs? SADPUCKER.
You need to retain these kinds of things to be able to get thru this years. Mnemonics are your bestfriends. Highlighters are your buddies. Off topic, I love the paper holder PY had.
Anyway, I need to push myself harder to reach what my nursing friends reached. I BELIEVE I CAN DO IT. ;)


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