Saturday, July 28, 2012

Coca Cola Glass Collectibles

I love how Mcdonalds always release Coca Cola glass collectibles every Olympic games. I'm totally amazed at how they design these glasses. I had my first one shaped like a coke in can but our kasambahay accidentally broke it. I loved it because it is in the color PINK and it looks unique. Anyway, have you heard of this news?

This photo is not mine, I just got it from google. Anyway, as I have said I love these kinds of glasses because they look unique. And when I saw a pink one, I immediately ordered a Medium Value meal and claimed my very own Coca Cola glass colored PINK!
Sorry about the shot, it's a bit tilted. Maybe because I'm so excited to use the glass? Do you want this one? Just got to the nearest Mcdo branch and order a value meal to purchase your own glass for 25pesos! And then let me know if you already have one of these. Thank you for your time! ;)


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