Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blood Pressure taking

I'm quite glad that I took nursing as my course in college. Not only that nurses are very versatile, we are the great humble servants of both the patients and the doctors. Think of a Filipino movie, when something bad happens to a patient (heart attack, gone, seizures) the relatives always shout NURSE!!! I might sound biased but nurses spend a lot of time with the patient and that helps a lot with the wholistic care for them.
Anyway, let's move on to what I'm actually going to tell you about. We had a lecture on blood pressure taking on our Physical Diagnosis lecture. And because my friends and I are nurses and Jay's the only pharmacist in the pack, here's what we are doing the whole film showing.

Sorry about the poor picture quality, I just used my phone in taking that picture. That's Kent sleeping the whole time while Jay kidding around with his new Littman Stethoscope in the color of Carribean Blue. Towards the end of the lecture, there is a short exercise where you have to distinguish the Korotkoff sounds to get the Systole and Diastole. And of course, I slept it through while Jay actively answered each example.
After the film showing, we have to practice what we have learned. I've been doing BP taking for almost 6 years now, so I just took a picture of Jay's first BP taking using his stet. Look at those 2 guys smile, pretty happy huh?! We all ended up having our BP taken by Jay. Anyway, thank you for your time! ;)


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