Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weeks with Encara BB Cream

Remember the post I had when I got my Encara BB cream? If you haven't read it, here's the LINK for that post. Anyway, if you still want to read my post related to this BB cream, click the label ENCARA at the Quick Finds at the right side of this blog. Let's move on with this post.

Abie, a friend of mine asked me to have review about Encara BB cream so I did. It suits me well and I love it. She then asked me to try it for a week and inform her if I had some allergic reaction or breakouts during the first week of using the Encara BB cream. But I had good results for you girls, this is my face a week using the BB cream.
I don't know if you'll notice in this picture but:
*my skin tone lightened
*face, evened out & hydrated
*dark spots on the chin, barely visible
*less visible pores
This is my skin's reaction to the Encara BB cream, I'm an oily type and I have my trusted skin care routine. Well, I guess I'll be using this BB cream for quite sometime because it produced a great effect on my skin. If you want to know why I love BB creams, you can read it HERE. It is my blog post why I prefer tinted moisturizers. I think you'll also love BB cream after you've read that post. Anyway, let me know if you have other BB creams to suggest. Till next time! ;)


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