Friday, June 1, 2012


I already told you that I visited Ms. Aila because I'm already excited to have my own Encara BB Cream. Here's what the products does:
And here is how I understand Ms. Aila's explanation:
*It whitens the skin because it has pearl extracts and it protects from the sun / UV rays, this has SPF 25. She had already tested the product and while she continues using it, she noticed that her pimple marks started to fade.
*It has anti aging because the sun's ray can cause wrinkles.
*It has a highly moisturizing effect because it's a tinted moisturizer that keeps the skin smooth and prevent it from drying. After applying this product, you can achieve a dewy effect.
*It's hypoallergenic and won't clog pores, therefore it can't cause you pimples. Just proper skin care before applying and after removing the BB cream will help you achieve it's great effects.
*It's sweat & water resistant. Yes, I've proven that it's sweat resistant because sweat just passes my skin and doesn't erase or smudge the product. Water resistant because Ms. Aila said that after washing face with water, you should really clean the face because Encara BB cream really sets in thru your skin which makes it long lasting.
*Conceals unwanted facial areas, it can be used as a concealer. Upon application of the BB cream it already provides a sheer cover on skin, great thing about this is that it can be a make up foundation that you can build up to medium-heavy coverage. 

This is Ms. Aila's hand. On the left side, you can see that the product has e yellow undertone which is definitely good for my skin because my skintone is between fair and morena. On the right side, you can see the difference of the color of Ms. Aila hand from the color of her forearm. The product blends so nicely to the skin that it brightens it without the effect of having too much make up on. GREAT right?!
In this picture, it's the before and after applying the Encara BB cream. Please pardon the frizzy hair. I already warned you, I don't have the best smile. Anyway, Ms. Aila did a simple foundation routine she does for her clients which is medium-heavy coverage. I could enumerate the difference it made on my skin: dark circles, spots below my left eye, dark coloration on the sides of my mouth and pimple marks on my chin were BARELY VISIBLE. I also love it because the color of my face and neck are almost the same. ;)
I love the after 4hours effect because it's the time that the Encara BB cream really set on my skin, I think it's the flawless effect. After 8hours, because of the heat from the iron and blower on my hair that sometimes hits my face while I'm in the salon, the medium-heavy coverage of the product wear down a bit. But I still look a bit nice here, the thing I've really noticed is the highlight under my eyes. Yes, on that part Ms. Aila taught me to increase application on the area to hide the dark circles. Also this product can be used as a highlight when applied at the T-zone and chin.
OMG! I forgot to tell you, it has a great packaging. I love it actually, I'll put a word on it "GLAMOROUS" .. Just look at it. Anyway, the 50ml tube has a small nozzle so you can control the product you'll dispense. You should grab yours now, it's on 50% off that's why I got mine for 499. Thanks Ms. Aila, I hope I did justice to this great product! ;)

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